I am currently have one blog that speaks English. When I started that blog, it was quite easy to post an article. Couple months later, it was more difficult to just write a simple post.

Right now, I am starting to practice writing in English again. The reason I built an English blog is simple; money. Adsense in USA or other developed countries have higher CPM, that’s why I want to target those people.

Of course I have my doubt because even though the CPM is high, but I have much more challenges to write in English. It is even more difficult because there are many native English blogs as my competitors.

One thing that can motivate me to continue building English blog, probably, because I want to promote our country to the worldwide.

I want to participate in tourism because it is an easy way to increase our foreign exchange.

One of the ways is learning and developing my English skill. My English speaking skill is not that bad, but if it comes to writing, wow, it is much more difficult.

Never say never though.. I am still optimistic that someday I can speak English fluently and can write good English articles. It is probably one of my dreams.

What makes me pessimistic is the fact that there are thousands of competitors. They are already fluent in English, why should I even trying to compete with them, right?

Again, I have my own experience that can strengthen my motive. I have tried building English blog in the past and it worked. I have earned more than 1 million Indonesian rupiah from that blog even though the blog was quite new.

The key is updating the blog consistently and find the right keyword with low competition.

Also, this one English blog that I still manage already has visitors everyday. It is a prove that we still can get visitors even though there are already too many competitors.

I wish I have a good luck, and so do you.

Can I write an English article?

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