Alright, after I wrote an English article couple days ago, turned out that Google already indexed it.

So I will practice again.

In today post, I want to talk about doing anything, achieving our goal to get anything we want.

Please look at this meme that I created several months ago, oops, several years. Wow, how fast time flies.

I have nothing. Why am I scared to lose something? I have nothing to lose. Do anything!“I have nothing. Why am I scared to lose something? I have nothing to lose. Do anything!”

What I meant by have nothing is that I am not Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos or anyone who already become a successful person. We are not yet.

Everything we do will not affected our precious things. Of course we still have our dignity, honor, and PRIDE. The last one is the most difficult to manage, to beat.

We are afraid to do something more because we are afraid of a failure. We don’t want people to judge us, insult and humiliate us if we are failing.

So hear this! “We don’t own anything to them!”

If people talk bad about us, just ignore it. Focus on what we do, try to do better, solve the problems, and make progress.

Never give up and always move. Rest sometimes but continue to fight our goals.

Back the the meme, if we don’t have anything yet, then even though we are failing, there is not much that we will lose.

What possible is gaining, achieving, getting anything what we want, our goals. Not losing!

This is an important message for myself because I feel that I always afraid to lose what I already have. It is not much but still, I will be miserable if I lose what I already build.

Now, what I have to do is be brave and achieve everything I want! Because We are fee to get anything in this world, as long as we are responsible with the consequences. Good luck!

Do Anything! Because We Have Nothing!

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