Jadi seperti biasa, saya kehilangan motivasi buat nyari uang. Lalu coba nyari2 inspirasi, dan ini adalah yang didapatkan dari orang-orang terkaya di dunia.

From this page : _https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/25/author-studies-self-made-billionaires-on-9-things-that-motivate-ultra-rich-to-succeed.html

1. To get out of poverty : Get out of poverty and do something useful with my life.
2. To solve problems : The problems I encounter in everyday life inspire me to find solutions.
3. To improve products and services : Making products and services increasingly better.
4. To innovate : Trying new things and acquiring new knowledge.
5. To compete and win : It can turn competition into an obsession.
6. To build things : Making visions become reality : build something that lasts for a long time
7. To create social impact : You have an opportunity to make an impact, and you have about 80 years to do it. GO!
8. To survive : with the hope that [your business] will turn into something that you’re proud of having been part of, that people don’t hate you for having ruined their lives because the thing went broke.”
9. To have freedom : Having control over your life : be a free person, say and do whatever you want.

Ada satu kalimat di atas yang bener-bener saya gak pernah denger sebelumnya. Keren. Cocok banget dengan kondisi yang sedang saya rasakan selama beberapa tahun terakhir. Almost 10 years actually.

9 Motivasi Terbaik untuk Menjadi Kaya Raya

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