1. Most people are lazy

Out a little bit of work, it will put you so far ahead.

Have the growth mindset > Practice! Preparation. Put the time and effort! Become consistently good at something to bring you to the top.

Having fixed mindset will make you avoiding failure, don’t take risk, afraid of failure, self-sabotage yourself from taking on new opportunities.

Put in some additional effort to compensate the lack of genius.

2. The timing is never perfect

If you want to travel, you have to really want it because no timing is going to be perfect.

Get something done! Move forward.. Accept it’s not going to be perfect. Act! It will give you result. Mistakes will give you valuable lessons.

3. Ruthless Prioritization

80% of the result often comes from 20% of the effort. Most effort is wasted, most information is irrelevant. Most people focus on the wrong things. Take step back and think what you doing and how it will get to the result.

4. All good things in moderation

Stay in moderation. Take a little bit of everything. Listen to what everybody has to say, if it is bad, just pay attention and think about it, consider it, maybe we were wrong. You always want to learn and don’t let you drawn in self-ignorant. Read books also.

5. Success is Fun

It is more fun trying to get some ideas or project launched than spending the day at the beach. Sometimes it’s funner to try to get something done and accomplished instead of traditional idea of fun like playing games, etc.

People who get success, they will keep trying to achieve more because success is fun.

6. Home is not a place, home is people

The real emotional connection is with people, not places. Put value of people above places or things. If you hope to find fulfillments or happiness, probably you will find in the relationships that you build with people or if you are going to a place to visit friends of families.

7. Nobody cares


Most people are very self-conscious because of ego and pride. Most people are so busy and self consumed with their life. They have very little time to worry about you. Most people just don’t have the time for thinking about you. Focus on yourself. Don’t compare yourself with other people, because they also don’t comparing themselves with you. They too busy checking instagram or facebook feed to thinking about you for long time. Care for yourself and be your own best friend because nobody else is going to do that for you.

8. Never give someone a fish if you can teach them how to fish

Anything that you give people, they are not going to appreciate. They also self-victim.

9. Failure reveals character

In every problem, there’s some opportunity to turn your weakness to strength. It maybe difficult, but you can shine.

10. Own it. Own your life, end to end. 

Be responsible for your own life. Over preparation to overcome every scenario. Don’t make excuses.

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2HIkR4aWxU&ab_channel=TechLead

10 Rules for Life as a millionaire by TechLead

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